50 mile off-road bike ride!  Testimonial

I ate three Shaklee 180 Snack Bars on my 50 mile off-road bike ride yesterday.

I started off with Performance and Energy Chews, but eventually ran out of those and used Gatorade most of the race (since the event provided it along the way, but I prefer Shaklee Performance).

I also ate bananas, oranges, peanut butter and jelly, and chicken
noodle soup…all that they provided. I managed to get some Physique right after the ride was over and I miraculously don’t feel very sore today.

TJ of Jacksonville, FL
“Elite athlete uses performance-enhancing drugs”….

                       NO WAIT!  No worries here! That’s just Pure Performance

Storied-history of Shaklee Performance
Shaklee Performance has been used in many great adventures from outerspace (a form used by NASA astronauts prior to re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere) to the Antarctica with Will Steger.   Performance was originally developed for the Daedalus project, a man-powered flight over the Aegean Sea that was the equivalent to running three back-to-back marathons.

For us mere mortals, Performance is a rehydration and endurance drink mix that helps us run faster and jump higher – even longer than ever!

Try PERFORMANCE and other great Shaklee products to bring out the elite athlete in you.

Two sizes / two flavors:  Orange and Lemon-Lime

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Comparing Shaklee Performance to water alone.

After 30 minutes: Blood-glucose levels 30% higher than water.

After 2 hours:  Blood-glucose levels 37% higher than water.

No artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives.  No questionable ingredients.  Just Pure Performance!